Everyone loves finding out new tips and tricks that are easy, helpful and cheap! Here I have put together ten tips and trick that I find are beneficial to me and I hope they are to you as well, enjoy!

1. Got mascara on your skin? Leave it to dry, finish the rest of your makeup, then go back with a cotton swab and the mascara will flake away without ruining your makeup!

2. Hair repair mask without spending load of money? Mix olive oil with conditioner and heat it up for 20 seconds or so then apply to wet hair. Leave in for a few minutes then rinse. 

3. Longer lasting perfume smell? Apply perfume to the following areas- Behind ear, base of throat, inside of wrist, inside of elbow and behind your knee.

4. Pour a cup full of Epsom Salts into your bath to help remove toxins from your body and skin. It will also leave your skin feeling like a babies bum!

5. Avoid SPF foundations on nights out or where you know there will be lots of flash photos being took as the SPF will reflect the camera flash and make you look like a ghost.

6. Never use hair spray to set makeup as it is bad for the skin and will cause breakouts. Instead spray water every hour or so to keep your makeup fresh and dewy.

7. Eating a Banana 15 minutes post-exercise will be stored as glucose for energy later on and NOT as fat.

8. Curl eyelashes the RIGHT way- I always used to curl my eyeslashes but I always found it never made a difference what so ever, so I put it down to just having such short eyelashes. However, if you apply the curler to the base of your eyelashes and tilt you hand upwards, pulse for 15-20 seconds and remove, your eyelashes should appear more curled.

9. Always apply skin care products with upwards strokes as it will help lesson fine lines and a sagging face.

10. And finally numéro dix... Drinking lemon water has many benefits. Not only is it a tasty alternative to drinking plain old water, it will also HELP burn fat and remove waste quicker.

Do you have any Tips and Tricks?

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