In the past, foundation was never a big problem to me as I would just go to a drugstore and pick one off the shelf (the correct shade, of course) however as I have got older I've noticed that my skin is starting to change. I knew it was about time I invested in a new foundation as the one I was previously using just wasn't cutting it as it was clinging to the dry patches and it looked... unpleasant.

The Studio Sculpt foundation has quite a thick and heavy consistency as it is a full coverage foundation, so if you don't like that, then this foundation will not be your cup of tea. I use my Real Techniques expert face brush to apply it to my face and it glides on so effortlessly. I was slightly worried about the thickness of the foundation as I thought it would make my skin feel like it was suffocating however that's not the case. It gives a nice dewy finish to your skin and if you are a dry skin sufferer like me, when you see a healthy glow rather than a cakey, dry clump of foundation, is when you know you are on the right track. 

Overall this foundation is great for my skin and is exactly what I want. Full coverage, suitable for dry skin and long-wearing. The price of Mac Studio Sculpt is £25 for 40ml however a little seriously does go a long way and I think it is definitely worth the money.  The only thing I have to stress about this product, is if you squeeze too much product out, it is impossible to save as you can't get it back in the tube which is so annoying.

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